Tension Grow In Drogheda, Armed Gardaí Guards Streets Overnight

Furnished gardaí are watching the avenues of Drogheda today around evening time following an acceleration of a posse quarrel in the town.

There was three separate petroleum bomb assaults in Co Louth medium-term, which gardaí accept are associated with the progressing criminal quarrel.

In the main occurrence, the front window and lounge of a house in St Laurence’s Park were harmed when a petroleum bomb was tossed at the house at around 12.15am.

A presume gadget was additionally tossed through the window of a house at Scarlet Crescent in Drogheda not long after 1am.

The third occurrence happened at 4am at a house at Loughboy in Mell.

Broad harm was caused to the property and a vehicle, just as harm to a bordering property.

There were no wounds in any of the assaults, which came 24 hours after two separate oil bomb assaults at Ashleigh Heights and Springfield Court in the town.

Nobody was harmed in either occurrence.

On Thursday, a man was shot various occasions in an assault at Hardman’s Gardens, which is additionally being connected to the quarrel.

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